MX Bikes beta18j - 2024/1/18
MX Bikes beta18j available.

fix: virtual rider simulation
fix: long bike reset during the first lap

MX Bikes beta18i - 2023/12/20
MX Bikes beta18i available.

fix: graphics settings change crash
fix: dedicated server replay

MX Bikes beta18h - 2023/12/16
MX Bikes beta18h available.

fix: fork simulation
fix: missing skids and water wakes
fix: rendering errors
fix: missing disconnected clients from the replay classification
fix: holeshot in replay
fix: missing temporary models

MX Bikes beta18f - 2023/8/13
MX Bikes beta18f available.

fix: live classification
fix: multiplayer data caching
fix: xml results export

MX Bikes beta18e - 2023/8/3
MX Bikes beta18e available.

fix: connection crash
fix: crash when returning to pits
fix: track conditions not set at connection
fix: data mismatch check
fix: ban when kicked from a server
fix: multiplayer memory leak

MX Bikes beta18d - 2023/3/2
MX Bikes beta18d available.

fix: crash when a server bike is missing
fix: user interface pull-down sort

MX Bikes beta18c - 2022/12/21
MX Bikes beta18c available.

fix: terrain deformation
fix: missing rider gears
fix: track shadows rendering errors
new: bikes fade to transparent on track if collisions are disabled

MX Bikes beta18b - 2022/11/14
MX Bikes beta18b available.

fix: lean help
fix: tracks categories in the admin page

MX Bikes beta18 - 2022/11/4
MX Bikes beta18 available.

fix: fork simulation
fix: "Rocker Swingarm" rear suspension linkage simulation
fix: slow-speed “legs” simulation
fix: terrain layers and deformation
fix: crash on sharp terrain edges
fix: live race classification
fix: remote bikes volume when “Pit Environment Sounds” is enabled
fix: dedicated server tracks list loop
fix: rider font selection
fix: user interface lists sort slowdown
fix: user interface pull-down search box
fix: replay mouse-look with hidden mouse pointer
fix: transparent surfaces rendering error
new: external view distance and height settings
new: external view “follow bike” option
new: brakes volume setting
new: more realistic lighting
new: separate terrain detail setting
new: bike reset delay server options
new: terrain deformation user interface setting
new: option to remap the user interface keys

MX Bikes beta17e - 2022/3/7
MX Bikes beta17e available.

fix: track bridges
fix: race standings and gap
fix: server restart

MX Bikes beta17d - 2022/2/14
MX Bikes beta17d available.

fix: connection issues
fix: pit environment sounds setting
fix: Radeon RX 6000 cards rendering

MX Bikes beta17c - 2022/2/5
MX Bikes beta17c available.

fix: pitboard and team sprite paint crash
fix: rider model selection

MX Bikes beta17 - 2022/2/1
MX Bikes beta17 available.

fix: track layout custom objects collisions
fix: support for more than two controllers with the same name
fix: track paint in dedicated servers
fix: user interface lists sorting
fix: wrong missing category shown when trying to connect to a server
fix: missing team sprite
Fix: 3D names in the track screens
fix: missing right boot
new: option to enable only the L/R o F/B rider lean tracking
new: user interface pull-downs search box
new: servers browser name filter
new: number of pits in the track info
new: option to enable the environment sounds in the pit
new: option to show both 2D and 3D flags
new: particles when sliding on the ground
new: support for multiple rider models
new: supermoto rider model
new: wheelie standing animation

MX Bikes beta16 - 2021/5/7
MX Bikes beta16 available.

fix: suspensions length in loaded replays
fix: support for multiple controllers with the same name
fix: alpha textures mipmaps generation
fix: sound sources muted at distance
fix: qualify practice results export
fix: standing lookback animation
new: contacts list in replays
new: servers list filters
new: additional info in the replay interface
new: repetitions when keeping a user interface button pressed
new: additional trick animation

MX Bikes beta15d - 2020/12/26
MX Bikes beta15d available.

fix: “unlocked” riding views tilt
fix: terrain rendering bugs

MX Bikes beta15c - 2020/12/8
MX Bikes beta15c available.

fix: tyre simulation on wet asphalt
fix: online records
fix: bike selection page
fix: UI lists sort slowdown
fix: terrain rendering improvements
new: support for pitboard paint

MX Bikes beta15b - 2020/11/7
MX Bikes beta15b available.

fix: crash at startup
fix: potential server crash
fix: fork offset garage setting
fix: riding views when joining a server as spectator
fix: race length when joining as a spectator
fix: zero length race setting
fix: names' length in the replay classification
new: support for soft custom track layout objects

MX Bikes beta15 - 2020/10/26
MX Bikes beta15 available.

fix: fork offset garage setting
fix: rider dab during slides
fix: spectator join crash
fix: live timing UDP output
fix: straight rhythm in multiplayer
fix: pitboard during the last lap
fix: live screens in replays
fix: rendering performance improvements
fix: web server browser join
new: garage setting to slide the fork in the triple clamps
new: garage setting to adjust the linkage rod length
new: support for soft collisions
new: timed races support
new: qualify practice option, as an alternative to qualify race
new: holeshot award
new: option to limit a server to specific bikes, in addition to categories
new: IPv6 support
new: dedicated server admin commands
new: remote server admin
new: open practice results export
new: option to show the 3D names in replays
new: instant replay
new: replay interface redesign
new: protection paint support
new: additional trick animations
new: the rider heading and dab animations now work in multiplayer, too
new: head tracking linked to lookback animations
new: track paints support

MX Bikes beta14e - 2020/6/16
MX Bikes beta14e available.

fix: bike stability at very low speeds
fix: dynamic track surface corruption
fix: terrain deformation under collision polygons
fix: race start sound
fix: paints filename limit increased from 27 to 31 characters
fix: track dirt color on the bike

MX Bikes beta14d - 2020/5/12
MX Bikes beta14d available.

fix: track checkpoints
fix: suspensions length in replays and multiplayer when changing bike setup
fix: IK LOD
fix: live screens emission

MX Bikes beta14c - 2020/5/3
MX Bikes beta14c available.

fix: remote bikes sinking in the ground
fix: track loading crash

MX Bikes beta14b - 2020/4/23
MX Bikes beta14b available.

fix: server browser crash
fix: misc server browser issues
fix: crash when leaving a server during a restart
fix: server results and replay export prefix
fix: removed the 10 layers limit in the terrain rendering
fix: track image over 128 tracks
new: possibility to adjust the onboard views position

MX Bikes beta14 - 2020/4/5
MX Bikes beta14 available.

fix: occasional simulation explosion on terrain berms
fix: transition bump between different terrain materials
fix: gearbox simulation
fix: rider dab
fix: bike reset under bridges
fix: occasional freezes in multiplayer
fix: smoothing of replays of multiplayer events
fix: multiplayer bandwidth optimization
fix: shifter lever animation in replays
fix: live screens
fix: rider rendering optimization
fix: tyres grass and sand sound
fix: replay VR mode
fix: transition to settings from the replay VR mode
new: alternate onboard views mode
new: option to export results after each session
new: option to add a prefix to exported results
new: server name in the dedicated server Window title and System Tray icon tooltip
new: the bike selection page remembers the latest bike for each category
new: revised crash camera in VR
new: head tracking linked to rider animation
new: rider dab animation
new: revised Mantua track
new: revised Washington track
new: revised Winchester MXoN track
new: Assen track

MX Bikes beta13c - 2019/12/2
MX Bikes beta13c available.

fix: connection freeze on the server
fix: live timing support
new: live timing output to file

MX Bikes beta13b - 2019/11/25
MX Bikes beta13b available.

fix: multiplayer crash
fix: spectator join
fix: missing boots of remote riders
fix: missing helmet cam of remote riders
fix: temporary model
fix: connection freeze
fix: memory leak
new: possibility to vote to reset the track
new: dedicated server option to disable polls during a race

MX Bikes beta13 - 2019/11/4
MX Bikes beta13 available.

fix: air controls over 90 degrees angles
fix: jump start bug
fix: wrong pit position
fix: connection freeze during a race
fix: electric bikes support
fix: straight rhythm lane crossing check
fix: pitboard gap over 10 seconds
fix: custom track layout objects
fix: controller rumble
new: straight rhythm testing gate selection
new: complaint animations
new: win gesture sitting animation

MX Bikes beta12 - 2019/10/7
MX Bikes beta12 available.

fix: controls corrupted at load time
fix: collisions sounds and particles
fix: track layouts loading
fix: track layout objects crash
fix: clients list ping
fix: trees, wire fences and 3D grass rendering
fix: flickering terrain
new: revised Forest Raceway track
new: Straight Rhythm

MX Bikes beta11d - 2019/8/7
MX Bikes beta11d available.

fix: garage page crash
fix: settings page resolutions switch
fix: VR in replay

MX Bikes beta11c - 2019/7/23
MX Bikes beta11c available.

fix: quick race mode
fix: server restart
fix: connection bandwidth optimization
fix: invisible bikes
fix: bikes pit state
fix: crash when pressing the space key in the replay page while the chat is open
fix: reset helper in multiplayer
new: VR in replay

MX Bikes beta11b - 2019/7/11
MX Bikes beta11b available.

fix: holes generated in the terrain by stopped bikes
fix: mods folder
fix: message of the day
fix: wrong entry removed from an event when changing session

MX Bikes beta11 - 2019/7/4
MX Bikes beta11 available.

fix: suspensions preload simulation
fix: automatic shift
fix: stopped bike behaviour
fix: holes generated in the terrain by crashed bikes
fix: quick race mode
fix: track marker changing track
fix: trainer loading
fix: head tracking
fix: Oculus support
fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick
new: bump stop simulation
new: bike reset helper
new: option to disable the dynamic track surface
new: free roam camera tracking mode
new: trackside objects animation support
new: live screens support
new: controller rumble
new: detailed data mismatch information
new: widescreen user interface

MX Bikes beta10c - 2018/12/18
MX Bikes beta10c available.

fix: right boot onboard model

MX Bikes beta10b - 2018/12/17
MX Bikes beta10b available.

fix: mods folder

MX Bikes beta10 - 2018/11/22
MX Bikes beta10 available.

fix: rear wheel gyroscopic simulation
fix: improved the chain simulation
fix: improved the automatic rider L/R lean
fix: multiplayer collisions
fix: pitboard in race
fix: flags in race
fix: rider lean animations
fix: added the 250x, 450xf and 450sm bike model LODs
fix: 450sm bike model
fix: improved Maryland track
fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots
fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors
new: changed the bike lean control
new: spectator support
new: revised Club track

MX Bikes beta9 - 2018/8/29
MX Bikes beta9 available.

fix: gearbox simulation
fix: third person view
fix: trackIR support
fix: Oculus support
fix: trainer add crash
fix: rider fonts tracking in the main menu
fix: Maryland track
fix: Washington track
fix: Winchester MXoN track
new: support for bikes with no clutch
new: support for bikes with no gearbox
new: support for electric engine
new: rider legs in onboard views
new: tearoff animation

MX Bikes beta8 - 2018/6/14
MX Bikes beta8 available.

fix: automatic shift
fix: dampers settings nomenclature
fix: race start checkpoints
fix: tyre dirt pickup on sand
fix: animated flags
fix: clutch lever animation in replays
fix: HUD in VR
fix: 3D grass in VR
fix: TrackIR support
fix: UI pull-downs
new: slow bump shock adjustment
new: combined brakes support
new: automatic rider sit helper
new: option to link head tracking to rider movement
new: open practice mode
new: trainer lead setting
new: trainer transparency
new: helmet cam support
new: track timer support
new: track standings support
new: notifications when the window is minimized
new: Nevada 2018 track

MX Bikes beta7b - 2017/11/14
MX Bikes beta7b available.

fix: memory optimizations
fix: freeze when another client connects while on track
fix: "very high" network connection setting
fix: supermoto tyres ambient shadow
fix: Nevada sky

MX Bikes beta7 - 2017/11/4
MX Bikes beta7 available.

fix: memory optimizations
fix: jump start detection
fix: save and restore of the dynamic track surface groove and marbles between testing sessions
fix: controllers calibration bug
fix: VR tracking reset
fix: Vive ( SteamVR ) default tracking position when going to track
new: VR reset control setting
new: the VR reset control affects the UI virtual screen position, too
new: borderless window mode
new: support for an external mod folder
new: onboard engine sound support
new: added the automatically saved trainers to the "Add Trainer" dialog
new: ambient shadow
new: animated rear suspension
new: animated cables
new: animated flags
new: support for boots modding
new: support for goggles paints
new: Mantua track
new: Winchester MXoN track
new: Nevada track

MX Bikes beta6 - 2017/3/15
MX Bikes beta6 available.

fix: multiplayer improvements
fix: replay bug
fix: replay rotation
fix: track cutting penalty
fix: number of centerline segments
fix: removed limits on the number of tracks, bikes, helmets, fonts, protections, paints
fix: paint selection saved for each bike and helmet
fix: bike font selection saved for each bike
fix: VR user interface list boxes
new: chassis flex simulation
new: rigid front suspension simulation support
new: push arm front suspension simulation support
new: trail arm front suspension simulation support
new: hardtail rear suspension simulation support
new: engine mapping support
new: LAN direct connect
new: controls linearity over 100%
new: controls state
new: Shield controller profile
new: IK links debug

MX Bikes beta5 - 2016/12/21
MX Bikes beta5 available.

fix: tyre simulation crash
fix: rider - terrain collision
fix: bike reset
fix: remote bikes throttle, front brake lever and gear
fix: race gap calculation
fix: track animations timer
fix: tearoff delay
fix: screen resolution setting
fix: allow for a separate track layout image
fix: garage compare setup
fix: setup change bug
fix: setup html export
fix: improved controller profiles support
fix: testing mode crash with missing testing.ini
fix: white and chequered flags
fix: replay bug
fix: race manager bug
fix: reflections bug
fix: plugins rendering bug
fix: replay of the bike reset
fix: reflections and shadows optimization
fix: specular + shadow rendering path
fix: blending + bump rendering path
fix: pitboard bugs
fix: pitboard optimization
fix: start gates collisions
fix: sound when going from replay to settings
fix: improved rider animations
fix: increased the number of tearoffs
fix: trackside cameras bug
fix: dedicated server replay save split by session
fix: memory usage optimization
fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: server restart
fix: web servers browser clients list
fix: plugins sprites color
fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
fix: input plugins POV support
fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.7.x
fix: user interface background
new: rear suspension geometry in physics debug mode
new: shared skies support
new: random skies support
new: vsync option in the settings
new: track marker
new: track category selection
new: option to show an HUD indicator for rider stand
new: remote bikes visible in pits, too
new: remote bikes visible in the pits when not on track
new: external view lateral offset
new: lean heading support
new: TrackIR support
new: HTC Vive support
new: engine limiter sound
new: Holjes Dirt layout
new: Winchester track
new: Washington track

MX Bikes beta4 - 2016/2/29
MX Bikes beta4 available.

fix: improved rear suspension simulation
fix: deformation data load
fix: reconnection during a race
fix: garage setup selection bug
fix: replay laps list
fix: dedicated server pause / resume
fix: whitelist and blacklist update
fix: kit name
fix: pitboard during practice
fix: engine sound idle
fix: improved alpha mipmapping
fix: improved 3D grass rendering
fix: terrain rendering optimization
new: race number and kit name shaders
new: dedicated server save option
new: event name
new: laps race length option
new: EdTracker support
new: possibility to disable a joystick input
new: default controller profiles support
new: output plugins race data
new: replay orbit camera speed
new: stand paint support
new: default paint support
new: testing track deformation save / restore / reset
new: supermoto support
new: bike and rider dirt is not automatically reset when going to pits
new: clean bike option
new: garage setup compare option
new: fork offset setup
new: support for stock bike setups
new: trainer
new: stability helper
new: 250x bike
new: 450xf bike
new: 450sm bike
new: Practice Track short layout
new: Forest track
new: Holjes track

MX Bikes beta3 - 2015/4/30
MX Bikes beta3 available.

fix: brakes mass simulation
fix: low-speed steering
fix: bike reset
fix: chat color
fix: data mismatch info
fix: kit font
fix: terrain collisions to rendering mismatch
new: dynamic terrain deformation
new: wet terrain
new: dabbing
new: engine torque reaction
new: automatic brake on slopes
new: support for tracks sub-folders
new: improved replay helmet cam
new: replay laps list
new: dirt buildup on bike and rider
new: dirt on tyres
new: exhaust smoke support
new: oculus rift dk2 support
new: Club track
new: Enduro track

MX Bikes beta2 - 2014/11/23
MX Bikes beta2 available.

fix: aerodynamic drag simulation
fix: multi-layer terrain collisions
fix: lighting
fix: fall animation
fix: start animation in replays
fix: "error" message when reconnecting
fix: clients list
new: direct lean scale
new: option to show HUD in cockpit view
new: ambient shadow support
new: bike font change option
new: 250xf bike

MX Bikes beta1 - 2014/9/30
MX Bikes beta1 available.